A Roundup of Radical Empathy

Radical Empathy is’s second virtual open art call which wanted to engage our community to help define what is. 

Through our open call to the artists, three artists were selected based on their work and the connection to the theme: Katarína Zagorski, 江峰 Jiang Feng, and Michael Jordan.


The selected artists and their work are currently being shown in two virtual exhibition galleries, Cryptovoxels (in collaboration with Crypto Wiener) and’s space, the links are below.


Additionally, the Radical Empathy winners will be shown in a few physical places around the world in 2021. 

Firstly, in Portugal at the Jardins Efémeros festival in Viseu, the Radical Empathy winner video will be shown in the space and on Friday, July 9th there will be a virtual roundtable discussion on the concept of Radical Empathy in the arts with the team and artists. 

Watch the roundtable discussion here.

Next, in Austria at the Schloss Wolkersdorf on July 17th, in collaboration with FLUSS and artists Sabine Maier, the winner’s work will be show via projection and a talk about and the Radical Empathy call will be given by Micheal Mastrototaro, the founder of 


Additionally to come are physical projections in France with more details to follow!


Thank you to all who have helped put these exhibitions and videos together, and a special thank you to our Radical Empathy winning artists! We hope you enjoy these virtual and physical works from and we hope to see you in our next open call!


Radical Empathy:’s virtual exhibitions: and Cryptovoxels link:’s%20spehere


Cryptovoxels link:,386S


Radical Empathy Physical Exhibitions:


Fluss information (Austria):


Jardins Efémeros information (Portugal):

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