This October Gallery Lock In will present Anti-Freeze. The exhibition is anti-commercial and more importantly anti- Frieze. There will be nothing to purchase or own, everything will alter, be destroyed, change irreparably, or simply fade away.

Taking lessons from Auto-Destructive art, we are looking for work that ceases when it comes into existence, it can be biodegradable art, art that rots or melts away. Work can be hidden, inaccessible, secret. Digital art that destroys itself a bit more each time it is clicked or an incorrect password typed too many times leaving an audience who are blocked out.

It will question our obsession with ownership and immortality as nothing lasts forever.

Eligibility: Open to artists at any stage of their career, all media welcome and international applications accepted for digital work

What you get: As a non-profit space, I can’t offer huge artist fees, but I can offer a skill swap (I’m a professional proof reader and funding bid writer, as well as a curator), I’d be happy to write any copy for free, artist statements, etc and I’ll cover any expenses for the show.

How to Apply



Exhibition Opportunity: Anti-Freeze: artist call-out

Deadline: 30/08/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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Apply until 30/09/2021

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