In troubled times, more than ever, questioning what is essential is naturally necessary: essential in life, essential in art, fundamental for survival, indispensable.

Defining art in its essence is a millennial preoccupation of philosophers. From Plato, who considers the essence of art to be an imitation of reality, to Wittgenstein, who emphasized that there are no properties common to all works of art, but only similarities in different proportions, to Arthur Danto and the identification of the mistake of linking the essence of art to properties of works of art, the attempt to capture and define the essence of art remains an open problem.

Therefore, the theme of the 2nd International Biennale of Visual Arts Brașov – 2021 is ESSENTIA.

We propose to the participating artists a deep reflection on the intrinsic nature of their art, on what defines them, artistically, but also humanly, on the role and significance of their art in a social context – from the local to the global one. Let’s build together a bridge between the artist and the outside world, let’s build a dialogue, a communication so necessary for our existence as creative entities, without losing our identity, our intrinsic nature! We want to bring together on the same ground, free and deeply personal expressions from the visual arts area in an experimental laboratory in which to obtain the essential, the purest quality, the core of things: Self, Forms, A Body of Senses and Ideas: ESSENCE!

We chose the Latin word not only because of its universality but also for its semantic root – the verb “esse” / “to be” – to be, with all its extensions and implications, because art is the mirror of our being and our creative consciousness, without which existence itself remains empty of significance. New definitions of art are proposed to the public, mirroring the reality of the artistic phenomena of the era or amending previous definitions, but beyond theories and analysis, what is essential in art is creative energy.

From Brancusi (<<… reality is not represented by the external form, but by the idea behind it, by the essence of things>>), to Van Gogh (<< love is eternal; representation can change, but not the essence>>), artists have tried to define the essence of their art and explored the essence of art in general – for introspection is an integral part of the creative process. Our intention is for this edition of the Biennale to offer an opportunity for introspection to all participants in the artistic act, regardless of their role.

Visual artists interested in the theme of the biennial are invited to register, regardless of their country of origin or expression technique. Up to 3 works can be entered into the selection process. Photographs of the works must be at least 300dpi. The participation fee for those selected is 100 RON / 25 Euro.

The Biennial will have the following schedule:

+Registration period: July 3rd – August 28th.

+Results: September 7th

+Period for receiving the artworks: September 27th – October 8th. *

+Blue Biennial: October 17th – November 21st

+Period for shipping back the artworks: November 21st – December 22nd

The curators of the 2nd edition of the Blue Biennale will be: Cristina Simion and Victoria Țăroi

The event is organized by the Artessentia Cultural Association together with its supporters.

* The transport of the works is the responsibility of the participants, including customs costs, for the round trip. We take no responsibility for any possible damage suffered during transport.


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Deadline: 28/08/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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