Call for Artists: AAP Magazine #20 TRAVELS


The 20th printed issue of AAP Magazine will feature the best projects showcasing the theme: Travels. Reflect on your past or current adventures, expand our horizons from the four corners of the globe!

They are looking for your travel photographs, near and far, to the edge of the earth and to the places perhaps known only to you. Whether you’re hauling around a view camera and a tripod or just pulling a mobile phone out of your back pocket, we want to see what you’ve captured and how you’re telling your story.

There’s a world out there to explore. Open your eyes to its landscapes, people, cultures – on your doorstep or 10,000 miles away. Expand our horizons!

All genres, capture types, color and B&W, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

Please send in a cohesive body of work or portfolio. Only a unified group of photos will be published in AAP Magazine. Images that were previously published in AAP Magazine cannot be submitted again.

Winners will receive $1,000 in cash awards, their winning image(s) or full portfolio published in AAP Magazine Vol.20, extensive press coverage and global recognition.

All winners will have their work published in the 20th printed issue of AAP Magazine, a free copy of the magazine and their portfolio showcased in the Winners Gallery of www.all-about-photo.com.

Applications will be assessed on three criteria: creativity, originality, and the visual/emotional impact of the image. The winners will be announced on All About Photo, our newsletter and social media.

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How to Apply




* In US dollars | Up to 40 images.

Photographs will be judged individually in a first round, and then as a unified group of photos as they could be published in AAP Magazine.

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Deadline: 24/08/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: America/Los_Angeles)

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