• Nina Nenadović was born in 1994 in Ljubljana, where she graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2018. Besides honing her painting skills under the mentorship of various Slovenian painters, she acquired knowledge of ceramics at the SEM Atelier. From 2019 on she is a member of ZDSLU – Union of Slovene Fine Artists Associations and has had one solo exhibition. She exhibits her artwork in various group exhibitions, projects and festivals at home and abroad. Currently she is completing her Master’s Degree in painting. Her opus is abstract but diverse. It includes abstract paintings, drawings, ceramics, collages, sculptures and unites sculpture and painting in form of sculptural paintings.
  • I make art because i want to , every day its my passion.
  • Hello, I am Japanese artist based in Berlin. I stay true to my artworks and stay open, challenge in thoughts, experiment.
  • The process of creating art is similar with the process of creating a place of shelter. But when as an artist you want to explore something new, you have to descend into a state of mind which is unsafe and you have to get away from the familiar and constructed structures of your personality. Art for me is the act of leaving the shelter and going out to find something new, to step into the realms of the unknown. Therefore art is, as much for the artist as for the spectator, unsafe but exciting.
  • Walkin Studios an independent multi-disciplinary art studio and project space. It is an international creative hub of action for artists-- an ecosystem that promotes dialogue, collaboration, experimentation and exhibition. We believe in the three pillars of Ecological sensitivity, technological imaginations and community networks as precursors to creation of contemporary art. https://www.walkinstudios.com/
  • For some time now I have been dealing with a mixture of contemporary music and video art.This type of music has a long tradition in Germany and can be shown both in the context of a new music festival, but also at media art festivals or in galleries and museums. On the one hand, this music requires knowledge of instrumental music and live electronics, on the other hand, it requires knowledge of photography and image processing. IRCAM software such as Max Msp, Open Music and Jitter are used here. The goal is to create an interface between music and art. In this context, many courses of study such as "Sound Studies" or "Music and Media Art" were created in Germany. In my work I cooperate with scientists from the Humboldt University Berlin and the Charité Berlin and research cells with regard to their graphical, typological structures, on the other hand I deal with various plant species in the botanical garden. For this I use typological processes that are based on Bernd and Hilla Becher and their Düsseldorf school.
  • Regina HILBER, born 1970, lives as a freelance writer in Vienna.
  • CryptoWiener - most leiwande collectibles With CryptoWieners, the crypto-collective VRON has created a playful way to introduce a wide audience to the topic of digital art, as well as blockchain, non-fungible tokens, collectibles, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.
  • "Conceptual multidisciplinary artist (c) merry explores a wide variety of features that marks out our media-driven lives: her works could be considered as visual biographies of the ubiquitous consequences of contemporary technosphere and urge the viewers to rethink the dichotomies between physical and digital realms to go beyond such dichotomy." (Josh Ryder & Melissa C. Hilborn pro ARTiculAction, Contemporary Art Review)
  • Sabine Maier (born 1971 in Styria) is an Austrian media artist and art photographer.
  • Daniel Lercher is a musician, composer and sound artist based in Vienna. His practice deals with the subject of perception and conversion of aural sensations.
    His major interests lie in the creation of certain states for the recipients with an emphasis on the parameters of space and time, which he often tries to dissolve
    in favour of an in depth experience. Daniel works in the field of minimalism and its varied interpretations.
  • Diana Shepherd is a movement artist from Carbondale, Illinois, USA. Diana has received a BFA in Dance from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a MA in Performing Public Space from Fontys University in the Netherlands. She has taught dance for over 10 years and performed internationally in her own solo works since 2017. Diana is an artist who works with public spaces, gender roles, and boxes.