'Hivemind' Open Call Artists

by Gil Monteverde

Jean-Michael Rolland is a French artist, who’s work balances in between sound and video to reflect upon temporality. With the purpose of uncovering an unexpected internal world, his research is guided by “the intrinsic nature of perceptual environment” twisting it and showing new realities to the world around us. 

For the open call from, ‘Hivemind’,  the artist presented a homemade video called “Sabotage”, where a shirtless character is activating a military performance. Leading to its duplication, he creates a crowd of soldiers that make the same moves while following different rhythms and paces.

 The video makes a point about our condition in the eye of the pandemic hurricane.  Remembering that each one of us is part of a war, that we are soldiers closed in our apartments. We are given the same set of rules, inhabiting under the same logic sky but yet we behave differently. 


Franziska Ostermann is a post-conceptual multimedia artist, working with photography and writing to explore hyperreality, virtuality and matters of identity.

In this exhibition Franzika presents three series of photographs: 

FIRN, 2016, a self-portrait series wherein the artist explores the exclusive moment where the artist is the “photographed and the photographer” raising questions related to ego and the virtual presence;

SELFOBSERVATIONS, is a currently evolving series that started in 2019, and takes the cultural phenomena of the selfie to operate on subjects like human self awareness and globalization;

OFF FACES, 2020, shows bodies covered by a glossy fabric and intends to reflect upon identity and the connection between the physical and digital worlds. 


Liyu Xue is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Using an array of media including video, performance, and photography, the artist explores the performative nature of image-making. Liyu also invests in consciousness research and neuroscience, where the artist finds new perspectives and evidence to think about bodily presence and embodiment.

For this open call, Liyu brings an interdisciplinary work, that through AR, gathers efforts to understand what is performance and how it can be analyzed after the act happens.


Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,

Art, Interview, Magazine,

Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,