We wish to activate our platform Hybrida by inviting you to an art residency that consists of two consecutive phases: one taking place digitally, the other one on location. Rendering the creative process and its stages within this hybrid format, we aim to explore diverse ways of ‘reading & writing’ art content and the topologies that this approach can generate.

as opposed to technē?

It’s becoming harder to dissect art practice from its connection to technology —their boundaries seem to be dissolving while the world is being redesigned digitally at an increasing speed.

pixel perfect, evoking a craving for dirt, mud & moisture

Do artists have the right tools / or the time / to question how they produce, communicate or transact cultural objects and experience?
If artistic activity has always been synonymous with paving new ways to experience the world around us, allowing for new models and abstractions, what happens now that the toolkit is becoming more and more virtual, and our reality more flat and shiny?


How can we employ the disposition of the artist both as antagonist and implementer again? Definitely, the time is now to renegotiate the modes of producing, handling and assessing content—its type and distribution. One needs to find a good stance so to be able to recognise the outlines and shapes of things; the patterns that prompt to points of reference and departure.
How can artists develop a critical and hybrid perspective instead of only tokenise their new virtual role?

The format of this residency serves to put these thoughts to the test yet it is mostly a starting point; that means that we encourage all types of project proposals, and any medium or approach is possible. Feel free to provide your own interpretation, through your art practice, in order to connect to the theme.

More info about the phases, location and application here

Deadline: 13/06/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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