The Ada Sari Culture and Art Centre in Stary Sącz | The IMO
Contemporary Art Gallery in collaboration with the Stary Sącz Culture
Foundation (Co-Organiser).

Stary Sącz, Poland


We invite particularly artists, for whom the context of one’s
surroundings and social relations as well as the cultural impact of a
place provide an impulse for creative activities, to take part in the onemonth art residency in Stary Sącz. We would like the location of the
residency to feature in the applicant’s envisioned artistic programme
as an important factor in their creative process.
Programmes that include the initiation of a dialogue with the local
community during the creative process or collaboration with it in the
creation of a work are the most sought after.
As part of the work on the project, we plan to hold consultations with
the curator of the art residencies run by the IMO gallery and the curator
of the IMO gallery, alongside a presentation of the artist and their
creative process during the residency – an event held within the
framework of a meeting open to the public.
Depending on the work created, the Organiser’s goal will be to release
it to the public in the form of an exhibition or a more permanent
presence in the public space of the city or region. Documentation and
the results of the residency will be posted on the IMO gallery website.


• Launch of the competition: 28/06/2021
• Deadline for submitting applications: 18/07/2021
• Date of announcing the results: 26/07/2021
• Duration of the residency: 16/08/2021 – 12/09/2021

Any adult with documented artistic achievements in fields such as:
visual arts (fine arts, multimedia, intermedia, interdisciplinary, design,
conservation), literature, music, performing arts and those related to
theatre and film production. The residency is targeted at artists of any
nationality. The Organiser does not reject applications from artistic
groups but informs that the terms and conditions of the residency
provided are unalterable and are stated below.
Due to the ongoing epidemic, holders of the EU COVID certificate may
come to Poland without any obstacles. Those who do not have the
above-mentioned certificate, will have the costs of the antigen test (up
to EUR 45) covered by the Organiser. The tests are to be performed just
before arrival in Poland for the residency in Stary Sącz.

The Organiser offers the Artist-in-Residence:
• accommodation in a single room in Stary Sącz,
• PLN 4,300 (ca. EUR 1,000) gross for the residency, including the
implementation of the artistic program and materials necessary for
artistic work,
• access to the art studio,
• curatorial care during the residency,
• assistance in getting to know the local community and locality in
order to develop an artistic project with such a focus,
• the opportunity to participate in a learning program addressed to the
participants of the international artistic plein air event taking place in
Stary Sącz in the second half of August.
The Organiser does not cover the costs of the Artist’s-in-Residence
travel to the location of the residency, insurance for the duration of the
residency nor any other expenses not mentioned above.


Deadline for submitting applications: 18/07/2021
Date of announcing the results: 26/07/2021
The application and the documentation required to apply for the
residency may be prepared in Polish or English, only in the electronic
Required documents:
1. a description of a proposal of the project to be carried out
during the residency (max. number of words: 250),
2. a cover letter (max. number of words: 250),
3. CV + portfolio (max.4xA4, max. 4MB, the portfolio may
additionally contain links to works available online, which is suggested
in the case of multimedia works).
The required documents listed above should be combined and sent as
1 pdf file (named as follows: surname_name_residency_2021) to the
email address:


More info here

Deadline: 18/07/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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