About the Oregon Arts Commission
The Oregon Arts Commission envisions a future where communities celebrate creative
expression, artists and arts organizations thrive through robust public support, the arts are
recognized as an essential economic driver and Oregon is recognized as a leader for equity
and inclusion in the arts.

To enhance the quality of life for all Oregonians through the arts by stimulating creativity,
leadership and economic vitality.

Strategic Plan
View the Arts Commission’s strategic plan online.
About the Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program honors Oregon’s professional artists and their achievements while
supporting efforts to advance their careers. Arts Commission review panels look for
outstanding talent, demonstrated ability and a commitment to the creation of new work.
The Arts Commission offers Fellowships in multiple artistic disciplines in alternating years:
• Even-numbered years: Visual Arts (including crafts, drawing, painting, photography,
printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, new media, fashion, graphic design and industrial
• Odd-numbered years: Performing Arts (choreography, dance, music composition, music
performance, theater, performance art, storytelling and puppetry).
• Funding partnerships with Literary Arts the Northwest Film Center support fellowships in
Literary and Media Arts.
Artists from underserved communities, including (but not limited to) rural communities and
communities of color, are especially encouraged to apply.

Award Amounts
Awards are up to $5,000, with no matching funds required. There is no pre-determined
number of Fellowships to be awarded. The Arts Commission determines awards based on
number of applications and available grant funds. There are limited resources and not all
applicants receive funding.
Requirements & Limitations

All applications must be submitted through our online portal:
https://oregon4biz.force.com/OAC/s/login/ no later than 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date to be
considered for review. The Arts Commission is not responsible for late applications and cannot
guarantee processing of applications submitted after the published deadline.


The Arts Commission has final determination on eligibility and may review eligibility at any time
or request more information as necessary. At the time of application, all applicants must:
• Be 18 years of age or older;
• Have not received an Oregon Arts Commission Fellowship in the prior five years;
• Have been domiciled in Oregon for at least one year (domicile is a person’s fixed,
permanent and principal home for legal purposes);*
• Not be enrolled (either part- or full-time) in a creative degree program;
• Submit an individual application. While the Arts Commission acknowledges that many
artists work collaboratively, awards will be made only to individual artists;
• Submit only one Fellowship application per calendar year.
* If selected for a Fellowship, you may be required to provide proof of your domicile status.
Acceptable proof is described in Oregon Administrative Rule 735-016-0030.

How Applications are Reviewed
Arts Commission staff reviews submitted applications for eligibility, completeness and
accuracy. Applications that meet program requirements are accepted for further review.
Applications are then reviewed by a panel of professionals with experience in the arts and
other fields relevant to the grant program. The Arts Commission considers panel
recommendations for funding and determines final awards.

Documentation of the artist’s work is the most important component of the application and
artists are strongly advised to submit well-documented and clearly identified work samples.
Fellowships are awarded primarily based on the creative excellence presented in the
applicant’s work samples. All work samples should be clear, legible and/or audible
reproductions of the applicant’s work.
Membership on review panels changes every year. Applicants should not assume that
panelists have any prior knowledge of their work. To nominate a potential panelist, fill out a
nomination form: https://www.oregonartscommission.org/sites/default/files/publication_or_resource/resource_file/Panelist%20Nomination%20Form.pdf.

Review Criteria
The following review criteria will be used to evaluate applications:
• Aesthetic quality of the applicant’s submitted artwork;
• Artists’ sustained professional achievement; and
• Potential for the artist’s future contribution to the field.

Application Materials
Application Questions
Artist Statement (max 2,500 characters): Describe your artistic practice, including particular
conceptual, aesthetic or material directions you are concerned with or interested in pursuing.
You may wish to discuss your process, intent, artistic development or connection to the region.
File Share URL: Additional Materials (described below) must be submitted via a single
shareable URL that links to a Dropbox folder, Vimeo album, Google Drive or similar file sharing
service. You will copy and paste the link into the application. If you cannot enclose all files in one folder/link, which is strongly preferred, link instead to a PDF that describes files and
provides individual links.
Password: Provide a password if one is required to access the Additional Materials link

Additional Materials
The following additional materials are required (see “File Share URL” above for submission
• Resume: A PDF file outlining professional accomplishments related to your artistic
career (no more than two pages). If you do not have an artist resume, you may provide
a narrative statement that describes your artistic career and professional
• Work Sample Description: A PDF document with the following information for each
sample: File name, password if required, title, date, medium, measurements, total time
or page length, role of the artist in production, location and facility of production and
additional production credits. If the work sample reflects work with another individual, a
description of the applicant’s role in the work must be provided (i.e. dancer in red).
• Up to 10 Work Samples (total combined running time of all audio and video
submissions not to exceed 15 minutes):
o Still or moving image files depicting individual pieces, installations designs,
models or products.
o Audio files with formats: AIFF, WAV, XMF and MP3.


More information at: https://www.oregonartscommission.org/sites/default/files/grant/guidelines/FEL_FY22_Guidelines_FINAL2.pdf

Deadline: 13/10/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: America/Los_Angeles)

Artist in Residence, Opportunities
Apply until 29/10/2021

Artist in Residence, Call for Artists, Opportunities
Apply until 23/10/2021

Call for Artists, Exhibition Opportunity, Opportunities
Apply until 07/01/2022