C-Platform Residency 

Fantasy Land ——

Here, nature, objects, or the entire universe are considered alive.


Since ancient times, humans have been obsessed with imaginations of natural and unnatural. As a result, stories, legends, and myths from a long long time ago have had their own prototypes and audiences. From Nordic mythology to Eastern legends, it can be said that human beings have been immersed in the illusion nature where imagination and reality intersect. The things encountered here, mountains, water, rocks, forests, people, fish, birds, and beasts, all have their own unique forms and spirits. They are in the space but meanwhile transcend the time. In the Fantasy Land, an immersive drama of Hallucinatory Realism has been touring repeatedly in this meditation theater.
Number of Selected Projects

  • 10-20 pieces/sets

Applicant Requirements

  • In the field of contemporary art practice and natural research. Open to different type of medium.
  • Artists, curators, designers and other creative practitioners with more than 3 years of experience.
  • Young artists and creative groups in China and abroad.


Application Timeline

  • Call for Proposals: August 1st, 2020 – July 31,2021
  • Proposal Review: up to 15 business days from the date of receiving the application materials
  • Implementation of the Proposals Selected: depends on the specific proposals


Project Supports

  • International/domestic round-trip flight tickets and transportation subsidy (no more than RMB 5,000 per person/group), lodging at appointed accommodations, shared studio space, and food (three meals per day);
  • Selected works will be supported by the Project Material Grant (the amount of funding depends on the specific proposals);
  • Professional support from project assistants during the residency process; Opportunities to participate in various exchange activities;
  • We encourage and assist applicants to apply for international cultural exchange funds to sponsor their proposals.

Steps to Apply

1. Applicants need to prepare the following materials:

  • Project application form (download)
  • Project proposal
  • Personal website or portfolio


2. Send application materials to : 

  • Official Email : info@c-platform.org 

(Please indicate in the subject of the email: Application for the Xi·Art Museum Generative Project)

Deadline: 31/07/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

Internship, Opportunities
Apply until 14/11/2021

Call for Artists, Grant, Opportunities
Apply until 31/10/2021

Artist in Residence, Opportunities
Apply until 04/10/2021