In the northern Hemisphere summer Is here, the weather is warm, and we have the great outdoors to play in.  The truth, however, is we can play indoors and outdoors all year long no matter what the weather. “Play Ball” brings to mind baseball, but sports, including things like polo and volleyball, are only part of how we play. Don’t forget the myriad of other outdoor and indoor games.  Consider childhood activities like hit the penny and hopscotch, running bases, playground swings, seesaws and merry go rounds. Indoors adds so much more with all the wonderful games like chess, mah jongg, bridge and Monopoly. Shots that focus on the game, the equipment, or the players are all part of the theme. Send in your interpretation of this broad and varied theme.

As with all NYC4PA calls, all 2D photographic art is accepted.

Prize summary:
Prizes Details:

Grand Prize – $1100

First Place – 3 prizes at $400

Second Place – 3 prizes at $325

Third Place – 3 prizes at $250

How to Apply:

Check the website for the complete call for entry and instructions for submissions

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Deadline: 15/08/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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