Open Art Call on the Processes of Rebuilding, Rebirth, Recharging

wendy.network is presenting an open art call to all artists of any form, medium or discipline to present their work that embodies the processes of rebuilding, recharging and resetting from one year to the next. 

As the closing of the year approaches, wendy.network is asking you, our artists, to reflect on what was left behind from this year and what is being rebuilt for the future. Currently, the world is in a liminal space, a no-persons land, where the history has been reset and there is no certainty what the future will bring.

In this uncanny space, you do not yet know where the next trip is taking you.

For this art call, wendy network would like to accompany you on your uncertain journey. It is not about the beginning nor the end, it is about the space in between: the process. The process that changes the way you work and behave, that brings you towards an unknown future. 

In the novel Machfeld, Michael Mastrototaro created the character Wendy, the namesake of wendy.network, who also inspired our previous open call, ‘Radical Empathy’. From the novel, we also receive ideas about disappearance and what is left behind from nothing. Through further exploration of Wendy, we once again open the gates for our community’s creativity on the theme of rebuilding. 

Quote from Machfeld: “Wo sie sich gerade aufhalten, weiß man nicht. Diese Art Typen erscheinen und verschwinden wieder, sie könnten überall sein.”

*You don’t know where they are right now. These types appear and disappear, they could be anywhere.*

For this art call, we pose these questions: how to represent this passage through a non-space? What is the journey between the ending and the beginning? What can we release and leave behind as an individual or a society?


Submit all information to join@wendy.network

Deadline for applications: November 30th, 2021 11:59pm CET/Vienna time

No entry fee

Applicants can be of any age from anywhere in the world. 

Applicants must be members of wendy.network and include wendy.network profile link.

It is and will always be free to join and be a member of wendy.network.

Please include: 

  • No more than 10 artworks of any medium/format in any language, sent in digital form; png, jpg, mp4, mp3, etc (Artworks can be sent via WeTransfer link IF needed)
  • Short Biography in English (300 words max)
  • Portfolio of previous work
  • A written English explanation of approximately 400 words on how your artwork(s) connect to the topic/theme of the call
  • wendy.network profile link

The jury will include selected founders and team members of wendy.network.

Selected artists will have their works featured in wendy.network’s virtual exhibition spaces for a period of minimum one month, featured on wendy.network’s social media. The artists will receive an artist fee of 250.000 KONJ coins. (the cryptocurrency underlying wendy.network and KONJUNGATE)

For questions/problems/comments, please email: join@wendy.network

Deadline: 30/11/2021 11:59 pm (Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam)