This is a physical OPEN CALL exhibition that will open at The Royal @ The Royal Society of American Art on August 6th, 2021. Artists selected for the exhibition will be included on the RSOAA website and social media platforms.

There is something weirdly magical about the American 1970’s depicted in film, television and printed media. Everything has a bizarre grainy-golden-earth-toned washed out sort of sunset. Harvest Gold, Burnt Sienna, Teak, Avocado…this distinctive palette colorized everything in our world; our fashion, interior design, appliances, and most notably our CARS!

Quirky car chase thrillers were all the rage. Muscle cars, semi-trucks, funny cars, and drag racing truly put the 70’s on track as the decade for cars. Drivers are peeling out, burning rubber, and racing to the finish line! Clouds of dust hang in the air, highlighted by the yellowish light, souped-up muscle cars emerging with majestic paint schemes. The title of this exhibition comes from the short story Duel by Richard Matheson, one of America’s most prolific pop-cultural authors, which also became the feature film Duel directed by Steven Spielberg in 1971. The 1970’s gave us some of the best car movies of all time! Smokey And The Bandit, Gone In 60 Seconds, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, Cannonball, Gumball Rally, and of course the unforgettable Death Race 2000, one of my personal favorites!

The Royal seeks artwork running on a steady diet of nitro venturing into this crazy world of golden tinged nostalgia, odd color palettes, popular culture and burning rubber. Duel is curated by Amelia Biewald and Jason Clay Lewis and runs August 6 – September 5, 2021.


How to Apply

  1. Create an Artist Profile Before Applying for the physical OPEN CALL & supplemental Online Exhibition
    To create an Artist Profile, you must Register to The Royal List. If you already have an Artist Profile, then you can Apply for the Open Call at any time!
  2. The artworks in your Artist Profile will be used for selection
    Once you Login, go to your “My Account” page to upload up to 12 artworks, add title descriptions, and edit your profile.
  3. Artworks should be available for Exhibition
    If selected, The Royal will need info about how the artwork is to be displayed, how it is framed, prices, etc… Artists will be notified for inclusion within days of the deadline. Artworks must be able to be delivered to the gallery by August 4th.
  4. Artwork Details and Information
    Artwork information such as title, medium, and size should be included for all pieces. Images of selected artworks will be taken directly from the Artist Profile and used on the RSOAA website and social media platforms.
  5. Select the “Click Here to Apply Now!” button
    The “Click Here to Apply Now!” button will verify if you have already created an Artist Profile and allow The Royal to know the artists that are participating in the OPEN CALL and supplemental Online Exhibition.
  6. Submit Entry Fee for the OPEN CALL: $20
    You do not need to pay to have an Artist Profile on The Royal List. If you wish to participate in the Online OPEN CALL and be in the exhibition at The Royal @ RSOAA – the entry fee is $20.

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Deadline: 23/07/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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