Help us create a toolkit to help other young people process their grief, and feel supported during times of loss.

The first Artists’ Grief Deck included work by artists from around the world, and was meant to support a broad audience, in order to serve as many people as soon as possible. Now we are making a second edition, for youth and by youth, and we need your artwork and your ‘grief prompts’.

To see what a ‘grief card’ looks like, have a look at the cards from the Artists’ Grief Deck here, and then send in your artwork and ‘grief prompts’ to have a chance to get it included in the next printed edition of the Grief Deck, have it appear on griefdeck.com, and earn a cash prize for your artwork!

••••For teachers, counselors, parents, educators, or any adults who know young artists who might like to participate••••

Covid-19 has challenged our capacities as humans not only by causing so much loss – of life, livelihood, certainty – but also by robbing humans of the ability to come together in safety and community to grieve these losses. Disaster relief organizations have identified this as one of the major unmet needs of the pandemic response: the ability to grieve together, in order to heal, find meaning, and grow. In partnership with the NYC Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NYCVOAD), we are mobilizing artists as ‘second responders’ to the ongoing global pandemic.

We are seeking artwork suitable for the card deck as well as prompts for the reverse side that offer a simple, personal, processual or memorial action that can be taken in relation to the artwork, and which can offer mindfulness, memory, comfort, or time to reflect. Grief workers and specialists in memorial-making recognize that one of the most important parts of making a memorial is that it gives us something to do.

You are encouraged to submit both visual work and prompts as text by young people you work with, which will be curated into a printed deck as well as an online platform where the artwork and prompts can be viewed in an accessible website. SHARE THIS CALL WITH YOUR CLASSES, YOUR KIDS, YOUR FAMILIES, and YOUR SCHOOLS, and please help your young artists submit their work!

••••For organizations that work with youth or that support youth mental health and wellness••••

We intend to release the first edition of the Youth Deck to coincide with the return to school of schoolchildren across the US in the Fall of 2021. We fully expect the coming academic year to be one of reckoning with countless losses, and the Youth Artists’ Grief Deck will be a tool for teachers, counselors, as well as families and kids themselves. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we need all the help we can get!

We also are seeking coalition partners, providing subject matter expertise to support the authoring of grief prompts, networks to prospective funders, distributors, and service organizations/ project implementors, and connection to organizations and networks who can help us reach youth artists for widespread participation in the open call for works.

Deadline: 14/07/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: US/Eastern)

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