Open call for sexual and queer artists

CU46 Project is dedicated to the exploration of gender and sexuality through art.

Barcelona-based CU46 Gallery is a safe space for artists to explore their sexuality through art. We have a broad ecosystem for supporting artists, including online gallery, art consulting and curation, community and network of friendly physical spaces to showcase artworks in the most suitable ways.

We unite artists worldwide to break the ice of sexuality-related stereotypes and make the world bias-free. We strive to give a voice and a platform to the artists, whose work has been misjudged or rejected from other exhibition spaces due to the highly sexual nature of their art or homophobia issues.

The Salon des Refusés for all these artists, we invite rejected minorities and outcasts to join our community, where sexuality is not longer a taboo, but a valuable form of art. We are against the objectification of the female body and its sexuality and advocate for the rights of LGBTQI persons to express themselves freely through any artistic form.
We encourage all artists to participate and submit their artworks, we accept all mediums of expression.

What does it mean to be our resident artist? We will represent you in our online CU46 gallery, promote you through our social media and our mailing list, we will mentor you if you need our help. We will organize your Online exhibition in June 2021. Moreover, all our artists will participate in offline exhibitions in different cities around the world. Our last collective show was in Prague, the last solo show of our new resident was in Barcelona.

By the way, some of YOUR PROJECTS we like SO MUCH, that we are ready even not accepting you as our resident artist still organize YOUR EXHIBITION in our Viewing Rooms. So, don’t be shy, APPLY now!

Submission fee: €18 EUR* (all the money goes for developing the project)
NEW DEADLINE: 31st, May 2021



Deadline: 31/05/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/Greenwich)

Exhibition Opportunity, Opportunities
Apply until 01/11/2021

Competition, Opportunities
Apply until 31/10/2021

Exhibition Opportunity, Opportunities
Apply until 31/10/2021