We offer 3 payment methods for Organisations and Artists:


Your donation will be shifted into our KONJUNGATE staking pool.
That means, that your donation will be used to strange the KONJUNGATE network. For this, your donation gets rewards. In time of writing the ROI (Return of investment is 189.80% in 192.31 days.
That means, your donation generates an interpassive income for your organisation.

However, you can also have your donation withdrawn from the pool. After that you will no longer receive any interest.

Konjungate is tradeable on several crypto exchanges.
Find out more about the KONJUNGATE Project at:

2 Get payed 50% in EUR and 50% in KONJ
If you receive a donation in EUR. You can choose, if you wanna split this donation in EUR and KONJ.
If you do so, we will send the half amount of your donation into our KONJ staking pool.
50% of the donation will be transferred to your bank account.

3. Get payed 100% in EUR
If you receive your donation in EUR. We will transfer the money to your bank account.

Please let us know your preferred payment method when you register.

Have a look here to get a overview about our fees.

What is staking?