Open Call Prague Biennale 3-7 September 2021

Can online communication be a full-fledged form of interpersonal contact? How to maintain authenticity of expression at a time of forced social (auto) isolation? How has depersonalised communication influenced our world concept and the functionality of the social body?

A festival of performance art, video art and alternative forms of performing arts, Re-connect Art reacts to the new conditions of (artistic) work brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though it is not obvious whether this is a temporary state or we are witnessing a permanent change in reality, we would like to look deeper into the essence of online communication through authentic artistic expression and explore and test the possibilities and specifics of such communication through remote connection between artists and their audience. The festival will present art in public space where people are used to seeing only commercial and merchandised communication.

The festival, which is the culmination of the four-year international Magic Carpets project run by the Prague Biennale Foundation, announces an open call for live artistic interventions that will be exposed in Public Displays placed in frequent public spaces in the heart of Prague metropole. We accept proposals for online performances, video art and all sorts of hybrid forms that can be streamed or played on PublicDisplays (16×9, vertical format), which support two-way live broadcasting technology: not only from the artist to the audience but also from the audience to the artist.

Deadline: 30/05/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Europe/Belgrade)

Call for Artists, Opportunities, Prizes and Awards
Apply until 25/10/2021

Opportunities, Workshop/Course
Apply until 24/10/2021

Competition, Opportunities
Apply until 28/10/2021