FMB Art Gallery introduces the second edition of the event PRIDE BY YOUR SIDE, an online art project supporting the LGBT+ community.

Last year, due to the severe lockdown period in which Pride celebrations around the world found themselves caught up, FMB Art Gallery decided to join the various online events organised to celebrate LGBT pride and thus give its contribution and support to the movement.

The intention behind the PRIDE BY YOUR SIDE initiative is to recreate, albeit virtually, the soul of Pride. That wish to take to the streets among ordinary, disguised, colourful, exuberant, joyful, sometimes provocative people who fight for personal freedom with pride and firmness.

With this in mind, the PRIDE BY YOUR SIDE event page will become a real LGBT+ culture hub this year.  Contents from the fields of theatre, dance, cinema, music, performance, publishing and writing related to the event theme will be collected and selected accordingly.

Another new thing this year is the possibility to exhibit in a physical art exhibition in two venues in Rome that have joined the event. The exhibition spaces are AFNAKAFNA, which will open its doors to “Pride by your side” from May 1st to May 15th  and FREEDA, which will host the event from June 1st to June 30th.

Interested artists may send, at their own expense, the works to be exhibited. The physical exhibition will be subject to the current CoViD19 regulations.

We strongly believe that expressing oneself as one sees fit is an individual’s freedom, regardless of one’s sexual orientation. There is no freedom and equality if we are not all equal and free.

This year the call wants to emphasise and explore, through art, the essence of the word FABULOUSNESS.

Fabulousness represented by the awareness of succeeding, of no longer being invisible.

Fabulousness in being close and together, each with their own differences and smiling despite the difficulties.

Fabulousness in being exuberant to overcome commonplaces.

Fabulousness in the revenge of one’s own rights, always lived with extraordinary energy and freedom.

However, fabulousness is much more than that, and for us it is above all a concept related to lightness.

As the great writer and intellectual Italo Calvino wrote:

“Lightness is not superficiality but gliding over things from above, not having boulders on your heart.”


The open call for “PRIDE BY YOUR SIDE” is accessible to all national and international artists of legal age.

Artists may submit:

  • One artwork

  • A series of works

  • A project (set of series)

A work (original or already presented to public) in the following disciplines:










The focus of the project is on the LGBT world and aims to highlight the pride in the diversity of each individual which is expressed in their relationship with themselves and the world through the following keywords: pride,  identity,  uniqueness of the individual,  love,  sex,  sexuality,  fabulousness.


Artworks will be selected by the gallery’s artistic team and its judgment is unquestionable.


The call remains open throughout the year, collecting entries for the current event and for the following year once PRIDE BY YOUR SIDE 2021 has closed.

As it is not a competition, artists are free to submit or add their works during the period of the event in progress. For the 2021 edition, it will be possible to submit works until May 31st 2021. Works submitted after the above date will be considered for the 2022 edition.

The exhibition will run online from May 1st 2021 until July 31st 2021


Participation is free of charge and you can apply by filling in the form here. The gallery will confirm participation to the event as selected artist.

The artist must leave his/her works for sale in the gallery for the entire duration of the event.

The exclusive rights to the works are not compulsory but are at the discretion of the artist (the artist undertakes to inform the gallery if the work should be sold via other channels during the period of the event).

The selected artist will be requested to send: a photo of him/herself, a photo of a document (front/back), biography and/or CV, the work’s synopsis, a sentence representing him/her, links to news and interviews about him/her.

Artworks do not have to be sent, but the artist undertakes to provide all the material relating to his/her work:

  1. one or more photos, possibly in high resolution (framed and unframed, hanging, details of the frame, in the room…)

  2. synopsis and/or text linking the work to the event

  3. technical description: title, year, series, technique, support, dimensions with and without frame, various notes on support (glass, plexiglass…), signature

  4. for photographs the number of editions and the artist’s proof

  5. the price (with and without frame)​

In case of sale, the gallery will organize, at its own expense, the withdrawal of the work from the artist’s studio and subsequently the shipment to the buyer. If necessary, the artist will undertake to provide and enclose all the required documentation (certificate of authenticity, shipping and customs documents). FMB Art Gallery (FMB Globo Arte S.R.L.S.) will retain 50% (fifty) of the value of the work for the service provided.


The gallery will donate its percentage of the proceeds of the sale to two associations active on the front lines with aid and support activities in the LGBTQI+ world



Deadline: 31/05/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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