Resource Mobilisation Digithon 2021 (RMD 2021)

Empowering Culture and Creative Industries

CFW and are working with international partners on the empowerment of the Culture and Creative Industries (CCI) in the MENA and Africa regions, through driving CC actors to sustainability. The RM Digithon falls under our strategy for CC actor’s empowerment, where CFW intend to gather CC supporters from all over the World to present their support mechanisms in favor of the CCI actors (funds, technical support, incubation programs…).

The arts and culture sector is one of the most important pillars upon which societies are built. Yet, it is given the least attention in a number of countries. In times of crisis, similar deficiencies come bare and become debunked. Nevertheless, there are certain foundations and organizations who work with a vision to maintain a dynamic, vibrant and sustainable resources mobilization for the ultimate end of creating more inclusive opportunities for arts and cultural actors to thrive and grow.

One universal concern by the CCI communities that Arts and Culture have been left in the margins during Covid-19. We will present some findings that show the extent to which this field has been affected.  We will also introduce one event that will be organized by culture funding watch on 26th of May 2021 and it will gather arts and cultural supporters and actors from all around the world to share and learn information about existing resources and opportunities in the field of arts and culture.

Considered as one of the non-essential businesses, all cultural and leisure activities were the first to get suspended by several governments around the world, especially with the general curfew. This situation poses a huge problem for artists who start protesting against the tightening of Covid-19 restrictions and claiming for their right to work. One study on the “impact of the covid19 crisis on the Tunisian cultural and creative actors’’ carried by Cultural and Creative Industries boost shows that 85% of participants were negatively affected by the pandemic. By the same token, the study reveals the financial vulnerability of these actors who have responded in an overwhelming majority that they are doing arts for a living with a percentage of 62.7%.

This is when we came to realize the necessity of mobilizing all actors so as to create more sustainable policies for art funding. Nonetheless, no one can deny the unbending efforts put in by several arts and culture supporters who tend to turn challenges and hardships into opportunities for resiliency. The resources mobilization digital marathon 2021 (hereafter RM Digithon2021) fits this description perfectly. The RM Digithon comes in continuity with the reserved engagement of CULTURE FUNDING WATCH (CFW) in supporting the arts and culture in Resources Mobilisation. This event opens door to CCI investors and actors world-wide to connect and share information about available resources and opportunities

The RM Digithon transcends all barriers and allows for a virtual speed-up meeting where all intervening parties and stakeholders can “hug virtually”, as stated by the CEO of CFW: Ouafa Belgacem. The concept stems from an urgent need to create alternatives and bring about solutions to existant challenges. For over 24 hours, artists, cultural and creative actors will get the chance to join round tables wherein they can get information-from its source (the funders)- about existing opportunities and to ask technical questions during each round. This new digital dimension focuses mainly on building connections and facilitating access to information for all actors. 

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Art, Interview, Magazine,

Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,