Rupert’s residency programme is dedicated to local and international practitioners and thinkers (such as artists, writers, curators, researchers, cultural managers and academics), providing them with the opportunity to live and work in Vilnius from 1 to 3 months while developing individual projects and immersing themselves in the region’s contemporary art field.

During the residency, the participants can also get involved in Rupert’s alternative education and public programmes, and attend talks, lectures and workshops by prominent local and international curators, artists and thinkers.

Prospective residents are encouraged to specify whether their intended proposal is more research-based or oriented towards a production-based project, requiring particular materials or utilities. They should consider and indicate in their application the desired length of their residency dependent on how they would like to use their time.

It is important that the resident is willing to immerse themselves in Vilnius’ and the region’s contemporary art field. Residents can apply with any project proposal exploring any subject. We also welcome residents to engage with Rupert’s public and alternative education programmes’ themes, although this is certainly not a requirement.

In 2021, through public events, talks, seminars, workshops and institutional exchanges, Rupert’s programmes will explore what practices of ritual, magic and fantasy can mean for today’s artistic practice. The programmes will consider how they can be used to re-evaluate what we take to be natural and real, as philosopher Federico Campagna has suggested.


Located in the picturesque area of Valakampiai in Vilnius and only a short distance from the city’s flourishing cultural center, Rupert is set by the river Neris and a small river beach, surrounded by peaceful fields and a forest. The three residency studios are located in a recently constructed building called Pakrantė, designed by award-winning Lithuanian architect, Audrius Ambrasas. Pakrantė was founded  as an arts incubator and houses a number of creative industries. Each resident is provided with a studio space and mezzanine (approximately 52 sq m.) to be used as a production and research space during the residency. The studio is fully furnished and equipped with WiFi. The building also houses a reading room, conference room and a kitchen, all of which are open for residents’ use.

Rupert supports the resident with a studio, utilities, curatorial support (a minimum of 2 studio visits or feedback sessions per month), provides administrative support and facilitates access to required contacts, tools, materials and information for research and production.

All the residencies are FREE this application round thanks to support from the Lithuanian Council for Culture. The studios are provided by the creative industries hub Pakrantė. In most cases, applicants are responsible for covering personal (daily and travel) expenses. Rupert’s team will issue acceptance letters for successful residents and support their applications for external grants to cover travel, food, production and other costs.

Thanks to a newly established partnership with the Goethe-Institut in Lithuania, this round additional support will be offered to a few Germany-based selected residents.


Individual residencies can last from 1 to 3 months or longer in exceptional cases. Residents are asked to propose their preferred duration of stay and if accepted this can be negotiated according to studio availability and schedule. Artist collectives of up to 3-4 persons can apply to an individual residency spot.


Information about open call for 2022 will be announced soon.

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Deadline: 31/05/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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Apply until 01/11/2021

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Apply until 31/10/2021

Exhibition Opportunity, Opportunities
Apply until 31/10/2021