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Allison Tanenhaus is a digital glitch artist who specializes in abstract geometrics, vibrant color fields, optical perspectives, mind-bending motion, and unexpected dimensional qualities. She earned her bachelor's degree in English from Harvard, her copyediting certificate from Emerson, and a smattering of continuing-ed design credits from MassArt.

Allison Tanenhaus



Tyler & Mara Marxt-Lewis

WENDY looks to the future of funding artists, solving a problem of continual funding cuts in the arts globally.


Walkin Studios

An ecosystem that embodies uninhibited creation and fearless thought in the field of art & technology


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wendy.network showcases contemporary artists and gives access to curators, exhibition organizers and collectors. 

wendy.network connects artists to art lovers and funding opportunities and provides an easy way to access contemporary art.

wendy.network believes in the power of community, art and the power of the people. Support artists, not just artworks.



believes in the power of art and the power of the people. 


Before studying art, Christian Bazant-Hegemark worked as a programmer and developed video games. Today he is an independent artist and focuses on various media: drawing, painting, short film and code. The connecting element is the use of visual fragments and how they offer emotional narrative threads.

Christian Bazant-Hegemark


I am a Bolivian artist, weaver, specialist in Andean textile techniques and a researcher in textiles and new media.While working with simple and rudimentary tools, such as ribbons, llama bones, hand-woven animal fibers and natural dyes, I usually weave unusual materials for traditional Andean fabrics, such as conductive threads, optical fibers, copper pieces like sensors, etc. 

In the complex structure of these fabrics, I include electronic circuits, microcontrollers, motion or color sensors, digital LEDs, speakers, creating interactive works of light and sound.In my work, the traditional Andean techniques and the technologies of art and new media are intertwined, resulting in works that continue the old textile tradition of which I consider myself part. A native forest in the inter-Andean valleys of Bolivia, it is my work space, laboratory and fundamental space to understand the time of the weavers.

Sandra De Berduccy


Mara Marxt Lewis and Tyler Lewis both come from places where an ongoing dialogue with the surrounding nature is a facet of everyday life. The towering alps of Austria and the lush temperate rainforests in Washington State are landscapes that demand respect; the mountains will surprise with breath-taking landscapes and powerful weather conditions, and the green forests densely-packed with trees that are hundreds of years old filter the air while an abundance of life thrives beneath their canopies. The close connection with their natural environment informs the multimedia work that they develop in collaboration, and their interest in how we relate to our environment is clearly perceptible in their creative process.

Mara Marxt Lewis and Tyler Lewis


With my work in the fields of plastic, collage, photography and installation, I open up new and unusual perspectives on familiar and well-known things. Many of my works consist of fragments or sections of everyday objects that I add to my own compositions. You can read them as a pastiche of scientific models and concepts with which I criticize the excessive belief in progress of our time. Without moral progress there is no real progress. Society focuses too much on the development of technology and loses sight of ethics. We should use the knowledge from science and technology for the well-being of everyone and should not serve the interests of a few corporations and lobbyists with the developments.

Ernst Miesgang


Graphic works mostly ranging between figuration and abstraction, usually related to topics of mindfulness. 

Julia Bugram


Nina N. was born in 1994 in Ljubljana, where she graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in 2018. Besides honing her painting skills under the mentorship of various Slovenian painters, she acquired knowledge of ceramics at the SEM Atelier. 

From 2019 on she is a member of ZDSLU – Union of Slovene Fine Artists Associations and has had one solo exhibition. She exhibits her artwork in various group exhibitions, projects and festivals at home and abroad. Currently she is completing her Master’s Degree in painting. Her opus is abstract but diverse. It includes abstract paintings, drawings, ceramics, collages, sculptures and unites sculpture and painting in form of sculptural paintings.

Nina N.


I make art because i want to , every day its my passion.

joop Stoop


I am Japanese artist based in Berlin. I stay true to my artworks and stay open, challenge in thoughts, experiment.

Marina Rayzuki


The process of creating art is similar with the process of creating a place of shelter. But when as an artist you want to explore something new, you have to descend into a state of mind which is unsafe and you have to get away from the familiar and constructed structures of your personality. 

Art for me is the act of leaving the shelter and going out to find something new, to step into the realms of the unknown. Therefore art is, as much for the artist as for the spectator, unsafe but exciting.

Emőke Fábián


Walkin Studios an independent multi-disciplinary art studio and project space. It is an international creative hub of action for artists-- an ecosystem that promotes dialogue, collaboration, experimentation and exhibition. We believe in the three pillars of Ecological sensitivity, technological imaginations and community networks as precursors to creation of contemporary art.

Walkin studios


For some time now I have been dealing with a mixture of contemporary music and video art.This type of music has a long tradition in Germany and can be shown both in the context of a new music festival, but also at media art festivals or in galleries and museums. 

On the one hand, this music requires knowledge of instrumental music and live electronics, on the other hand, it requires knowledge of photography and image processing. IRCAM software such as Max Msp, Open Music and Jitter are used here. The goal is to create an interface between music and art. In this context, many courses of study such as "Sound Studies" or "Music and Media Art" were created in Germany. In my work I cooperate with scientists from the Humboldt University Berlin and the Charité Berlin and research cells with regard to their graphical, typological structures, on the other hand I deal with various plant species in the botanical garden. For this I use typological processes that are based on Bernd and Hilla Becher and their Düsseldorf school.

Caspar de Gelmini



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believes in the power of art and the power of the people.

wendy.network is a collaborative project based on a novel by Michael Mastrototaro: MACHFELD. 
wendy.network brings together artists across disciplines to network, share their work, and recieve interpassive incomes to support the continual process of creation. Together with KONJUNGATE crypto-technology, wendy.network will change art funding. 

wendy.network is designed to bring together artists and give them access to a pool of investors and philanthropists never before available. wendy.network is working with artists to give them networking opportunities outside of their field, as well as unique up-to-date market information for many art fields.

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