If you are an artist looking to take on the role of catalyst for change and actively contribute to innovation, 12 Regional S+T+ARTS Centres want to hear from you.

The 21 6-month fellowships part of this open call will address a particular regional challenge defined by 12 of Europe’s leading cultural and art institutions, innovation and clean tech hubs. Fellow artists will be encouraged to critique the present and explore beyond its current limitations and will receive a budget of €40.000 to realise an artistic prototype that challenges existing actions and proposes more sustainable and responsible ones across different industries.

Eligibility: Individual Artists/Collectives working at the intersection between science, technology and the arts.

What you get: 40.000 EUR to complete an artistic prototype that will be exhibited in a joint exhibition at MAXXI in Rome, among other locations.


Deadline: 21/11/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

Artist in Residence, Exhibition Opportunity, Opportunities
Apply until 30/11/2021