Painting, art print, drawing, mixed media, photography, video, choreography, music composition, song, performance.


Threads of Freedom

Paraphrasing the title of the well-known myth with a twist, the parallelism points precisely to the search for freedom and to the battle to conquer it; personal and social freedom, as well as their mutual relationship.

Trying to find freedom, both personally and collectively as a society, each of us is navigating labyrinths, where, like internal and external forces, the primordial beasts of impunity, promiscuity, authoritarianism, apathy and indifference, oppose the finding the exit leading to freedom.

The thread of freedom/ Freedom’s thread leads us into an ever-evolving labyrinth, where each illusion is constantly changing form, making the path indifferent for some, an interesting object of knowledge for others, and a tool of exploitation for others.

In any case, freedom is not a given.

For the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821 and under the auspices of the “Greece 2021” Committee, the Berlin Association of Greek and Philhellenic Artists, Téchne, invites artists to participate in the art competition: “Threads of Freedom”.


Berlin Association of Greek and Philhellenic Artists



Terms and Conditions


1.   Eligible for participation are all artists, irrespective of their nationality or country of residence.

2.   Every artist may participate with one (1) artwork of painting, art print, drawing, mixed media, photography, video, choreography, musical composition, song and performance.

3.   Participations must be submitted to the email: in JPG photo or Video or Audio format by July 31, 2021 at 23:59 German time. Each JPG photo must be high definition, without shading, positioned directly and not at an angle.

4.   Along with the photographs/ Video /Audio of their artwork, all artists must also submit the following:

α) Artwork details (title, technique, dimensions)

b) A short Curriculum Vitae (up to 200 words)

c) A completed and signed Registration Form, including the artist`s contact details (address – mobile phone – email).

d) Artist`s statement up to 200 words (optional)


5.   The works selected by the Jury* will be exhibited at Art Stalker in Berlin, Germany (September 15-30, 2021) and at the Port Warehouses in Thessaloniki, Greece (October 10-18,2021).

6.   The selected works will also be exhibited online on the Téchne Berlin Website and her Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

7.   In case of a fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Téchne Berlin Association can not be held responsible for the mandatory postponement of the in-person exhibitions in Berlin and Thessaloniki. The digital exhibitions will take place as scheduled.

8.   An Art Catalogue with the selected works will be distributed to participating artists, contributors and the public.

9.   The artists whose works will be selected for the two in-person exhibitions will be notified via email to the email address they submitted.

10.   The Téchne Berlin Αssociation does not undertake the appraisal and sale of the works, but will make the authors` details available to all interested parties and will support their promotion in the best possible way.

11.   Participating artists will have to undertake on their own initiative to send their work to Berlin. The costs of sending the works from Berlin to Thessaloniki, as well as the costs of returning the work to the artist, are borne by the artists and not by the Téchne Berlin Association.

Registration form

Deadline: 31/07/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

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