Virtual exhibition 'Hivemind'

'Collection of minds somehow linked'
by Kotryna Tribusinaite

First Things First

This is the first virtual exhibition by, held as a result of an open-call artist competition ‘Hivemind‘ where three winners were selected to exhibit their artworks. Curator: Diana Shepherd


  1. You can access the exhibition by clicking here and you can wander around as much as you like. I recommend using your mouse/touchpad to turn your gaze around and using <^v> (right-left-forward-backward) keys to move through space.  The best experience can be achieved using a bigger screen or a laptop.
  2. I really recommend the article “Interviews with ‘Hivemind’ Artists” by Molly Bruce; she took mind-tickling and very informative interviews with the artists, you can find the article about that here. An excellent read for your first steaming hot coffee of the day!
    You’d rather have an espresso? Gil Monteverde’s take on the artists and their work can be found right here.
  3. For video-artworks use your mouse/touchpad and simply click on them. Do not forget to turn on the sound!
  4. Invite your friends – you will see their figures in the space; you can observe the same artworks, stand next to each other, or play hide and seek (wink).


Franziska Ostermann on Identity

Franziska Ostermann is a highly prospective German artist and a photographer, exhibiting her artworks all around the world from New York, to Honolulu, to Berlin. You will immediately recognize her work by light, translucent auto-portraits, and photographs. Due to the choice of palette, your eyes will be invited to wander, your mind will calm down and your curiosity will awaken.

Franziska is on top of social and philosophical issues that became more vital to us than ever before; it seems to me she’s asking “Who am I?”and “What do I do with this human awareness?”, as she gracefully ponders human identity with Firn: “Firn is a form of snow that outlasts a defrosting period and increases its density over time”. As someone from a northern country, I do remember the stubbornness and robustness yet relative fragility of that never-melting glacier-like snow, nevertheless, even if you have never seen Firn in your life, you might just have unconsciously observed it in the mirror this morning.

Firn in Alaska

Jean-Michel Rolland on Music

Jean-Michel Rolland is a French artist and a musician, who can be recognized by incredibly musical and experimental audiovisual performances and installations. Musicality is central to his artworks, and we do love a nice mix of several mediums, executed by a professional of each mode: “This relationship can operate by natural complementarity, by co-construction or by co-generation.” Jean-Michel explains.

In this virtual exhibition, the artist explores the place of an individual within the society: obedience vs disobedience, order vs chaos, form vs meaning. His freshly created audiovisual artwork “Sabotage” (2021) hypnotizes us with rhythmical and obscure form as well as content-richness in irony and humor. Take a look at the detail from the artwork below: does it remind you of Piet Mondriaan’s depiction of music? It does to me!

Detail from "Sabotage" (2021) by Jean-Michel Rolland

Liyu Xue on Cognition

Liyu Xue is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles who you can recognize by geometrical and visually fluid audio-performances. His art philosophy is supported by Ricardo Manzotti’s book on Mind-Object Identity hypothesis (2017) where he claims: “All experience is perception, and all perception is physical objects.” The artist explores cognition and consciousness, emphasizing that everything in the physical world depends on how we perceive it, which is, of course, always a fun concept to be dwelling on and be lost in.

In this exhibition, Liyu uses color to evoke emotion by his video-performance “60s, 24h” as he claims that the bright yellow is intended to be loud and make you slightly nervous. Some might also find it zestful, lively, and happy instead. What emotion does it evoke in your conscious?

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Art, Interview, Magazine,

Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,