voice extender, 2020-2021, procedure art

Immaterial artwork, photographic documentation, 60 × 60 cm, ed. 12+1AP


«People trapped in a mental cobweb woven by smartphone spiders are living in isolation and uncertainty: they must return to human communication and humane interaction. A fake pan(dem)ic is kept with the biased data of a regime repressing the voices of truth, locking down people under the big-bro 5G dictatorship, annihilating freedom with censorship and fines. Let’s bring all that to a grinding halt! You have a dignity! Shout! Let the world know!»

«People need to communicate more by their own means, using their own body, their natural power of living beings, not electronic devices. We can call those who are distant, at human and humane distances, we can send them our message using our own body, becoming the medium. At first I thought about a procedure artwork to build a very simple paper funnel, like a megaphone, as a symbol, but I got right away that was not so immediate, radical and readily available in any condition or in cases of extreme danger, so the choice of using the bare hands was natural.
Calling live we convey not only our message but also our spiritual essence, which cannot be mediated by any device, thus making stronger empathic relations.»


voice extender

Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency, wendy.network

Art, Interview, Magazine, wendy.network

Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency, wendy.network