We are excited to announce that will be participating in the Resources Mobilisation Digithon 2021!

RESOURCES MOBILISATION DIGITHON 2021 is so excited to announce that we will be a part of the Resources Mobilisation Digithon (RMD) 2021!

The RMD is an annual meeting organised by the Culture Funding Watch that aims at connecting creative and cultural actors to art and culture supporters around the globe.

The event will be taking place on May 26, in the form of a 24-hour non-stop speed meeting, and — KONJUNGATE will be hosting its own meeting table!


The goal of the event is to provide a space for art industry supporters and art and culture individuals to discover, allocate and benefit from the available resources and opportunities in the art world, with the ultimate goal of promoting sustainable, transparent, and responsible art funding! 

This is the third time the event will be taking place and the first time the event will be entirely digital. This unique global networking opportunity is expecting 10,000 attendees worldwive, providing 300 meeting tables at a time for an uninterrupted time of 24 hours!

Anyone is free to attend, and participate in supporting culture creatives. 

For more information on the event, please click here.


See you there!

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Apply until 22/08/2021

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