MAGAZINE Partnerships: RMD and is an official partner of the RM Digithon (Resources Mobilization Digithon), and  will be hosting tables during the 24 hour event for everyone in the Cultural and Creative Industries.


The RM Digithon aims to bring together investors and supporters of the arts and creativity and provide those working in the industries to be creative and produce work, regardless of traditional barriers.


Pre-registration is now open for participants and investors/supporters. This is free for everyone. 


RM Digithon aims to bring together an international set of specialists from the Cultural and Creative Industries to present themselves to an equally global group of artists and creatives. RM Digithon welcomes investors and supports from all areas: financial, opportunities, residencies and programmes. They will be given the opportunity to present their programmes and funding opportunities followed by quick Q&A sessions, empowering the right people to knock on their doors. During the breaks, donors and peers can also attend networking sessions..


RM Digithon is inviting artists and creatives from around the world to listen to amazing investors and supporters as they present their opportunities, projects and funding. Virtual booths will present projects and invite donors to talks and exchange during the event.


As a partner, will be hosting tables covering our main mission at, as well as projects currently under development within the team… Big surprises are coming! invites all of our community and network members to pre-register for the RM Digithon by March 25th for the chance to learn about all the opportunities being presented at this 24 hour Digithon!


Read more about the RM Digithon here!


Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,

Art, Interview, Magazine,

Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,