What's New on KONJUNGATE?

If you are reading this article, then it means you have heard about and its cryptocurrency, KONJUNGATE (KONJ). Suppose you do not know much about, then allow me to brief you on what we do. Wendy Network is an online platform for artists, curators, cryptocurrency addicts and the forever curious. Its primary purpose is to find new ways for artists to thrive without struggling to survive by fostering a radically empathetic community of art lovers, featuring world-class artists and amplifying undiscovered artists. It also builds bridges between the world of arts, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

I believe you now know what is about.

Back to the exciting part of Our cryptocurrency, Konjungate, is creating a bridge between art and crypto, enabling the digital art market to have its own currency. You may ask what Konjungate is about and how did the concept come to be?

KONJUNGATE is a multilevel art project and cryptocurrency designed to change the way of art funding. It is based on and connected to the cyber novel MACHFELD written in 1999 by Michael Mastrototaro. KONJUNGATE, in association with the is making a solid artistic statement in times of budget cuts. Investors can assist artists in their work with fundings in KONJ coins or Euro. These funds will allow artists to continue to create, experiment and learn, in any circumstance. KONJUNGATE and assists artists to exist in the ever-presence of inspiration.

What is new on KONJ?

KONJUNGATE currently has a mobile app that is compatible with Android and IOS. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that use 3rd party apps to sell and exchange cryptos, KONJ gives you access to your wealth and an easy platform to buy and sell your KONJ. Art lovers could easily donate some KONJ to artists that pleased or surprised them with their art. On the app, four main functions surround the KONJ cycle.


One incredible update on the KONJUNGATE app is the messenger. You can message or chat with friends on the app. This permits KONJ users to easily exchange among themselves while getting updates. It makes sending and receiving KONJ fun. You should not miss this but download the app and share some Konj. You can also choose your recipient by simply scanning the person’s KONJ QR code. The app has a KONJ Tip icon where you can tip any person you want to within the message section.

Apart from messaging, you can create your own Konj address book. You add people into your contacts by typing their name and Konj address. You can also scan the person’s contact QR code and easily add them to your contact list.

You can also stake your KONJ on the app. Staking means that you and your wallet participate in the validation process of the KONJUNGATE blockchain. For increasing the security of the network by participating in the staking process, you receive further KONJ coins as a reward. Staking your cryptocurrency helps you to earn some extra coins. It is better to stake your coins than to leave them in your wallet while not earning anything. When you stake your KONJ, it will take 24 hours until the coins are unlocked. On the KONJUNGATE app, you get to see your staking rewards instantly. You can also withdraw your staking coins after 24 hours.

What can you find in your wallet? You will not only find your KONJ balance in your wallet but also your recent transaction. Your recent transaction may be your staking, deposit and sending. The exact date and time of the transaction are indicated on your wallet. This and many other things you will find on your KONJUNGATE app.


The app makes it easy in case you would want to access your site. Just a click on the wendy logo in the right corner and it will direct you to the site. Do not forget to add your image to your KONJ app.

Now that you know more about the KONJUNTATE mobile app you should not waste any time but just go ahead and download it. Be part of the family of artists, art lovers and curators. Spread the word and enjoy your sales.

By: Joachim Quainoo, #joainoo