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While the crypto art scene seems more welcoming to women overall than many tech domains, women make up only 20% of CryptoArtNet listings. Nevertheless, the situation is changing. Let us once again scooch into your morning coffee ☕  routine and present three inspiring artists who are finding quite some success in the crypto art world.

Grimes is one of the latest and loudest examples of an artist getting into the NFT gold rush, selling around $6 million worth of digital artworks after putting them up for auction. According to The Verge: the highest-selling piece was a one-of-a-kind video called “Death of the Old” that involves flying cherubs, a cross, a sword, and glowing light that’s set to an original song by Grimes. The winning bidder took it for nearly $389,000. You can easily recognize Grimes touch from a motif of naked winged intergalactic baby figures.


Digital artwork by Grimes, posted on her Twitter on 28 Feb 2021

Amber Vittoria is another incredible artist (recognized by Forbes Under 30), new to, and seemingly excited about the crypto art industry: we can see increasing amounts of announcements of NFT-dropping on her social media accounts. She is a successful artist working in New York City and her pieces focus on femininity and the female form, leveraging physical traits such as overtly extended limbs and rounded features. Featuring in PureWow, Vittoria claims: “I leverage really bright colors and make sure my pieces are very inviting so people feel comfortable and able to come into the piece. I want them to have those uncomfortable conversations that they otherwise would not be having.” Check out her artworks here (author’s recommendation!).

Victoria's NFT announcement, Instagram (07-03-2021) @amber_vittoria

Blake Kathryn is a well-known multidisciplinary designer focused on illustration, iconography, and branding. Her style variates between 2D and 3D aesthetics. Her artworks are surreal, soothing, gently chaotic. Perhaps due to the special ambiance of her art, she is another very successful crypto artist with her largest sale worth 11 ETH so far. Regarding the crypto art industry, she comments: “That’s a shift, completely, to respecting the artist and everything that they are putting into their own work”. Find her artworks here. Admirable!



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