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Our main purpose is to find new ways for artists to thrive without having to struggle for survival, by fostering a radically empathetic community of artists and art lovers.

Join us in building bridges between the world of arts and cryptocurrencies!


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Join hundreds of artists and community members on a mission to showcase and foster contemporary art by using the next NFT generation: powered by the KONJUNGATE blockchain technnology.

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Embracing ideas

wendy.network showcases contemporary artist, giving them a platform to express their creative energy
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Sparking dialogue

wendy.network connects artists to art lovers, curators, exhibition organizers and funding opportunities, providing an easy way to access and invest in contemporary art.
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Radical empathy

wendy.network believes in the powers of community, arts, and the people. Through challenging the norms of what art is supposed to mean, we aim to create a powerful force of artists that stay curious and empower each other.

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