August 2021

August 2021 - Artists of the Month

Each month the selects three artists within its growing community. The entirety of the month is dedicated to the artists, their work and their passion.

August features: Yves Bercion, schamlos&liederlich and Esther Chin.

spotlighted –> Yves Bercion

A digital artist that realises abstract worlds with fractals algorithms.

'Jungle', 2021.

‘I’m a visual artist from Guadeloupe. I create abstract creations through the prism of digital tools. I’m dedicated to creating poetic worlds, some utopic others more dystopian.

I realize interactive video installations where the spectator becomes an integral part of the work, modifying forms, colors and sound with his movement.

For my recent works, I used fractals algorithms to generate organic, colorful worlds. In my work I let chance guide the final proposition.’

'World of the undergrowth', 2021.

‘Jungle is a series where I wonder what kind of environment digital technology can modify or produce, I imagine it as lush and colorful.

World of the undergrowth is the darker result of this process.’

'Champ de cannes', 2021.

‘I use also artificial intelligence tools to transforms photographs or images produced, like in my series Champ de cannes where sugarcane fields seemingly on fire, remind of the tragic history of slavery in the Caribbean Isles and America.’



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A linocut prints artist, inspired by things they like. So far that includes cats, the sun, spaghetti and smashing capitalism. They hope you like it, too.

‘My work is inspired by things I like. That includes for example spaghetti, the sun and sexual self-determination. I carve them into linoleum sheets and print them onto paper. The simplicity of my motifs and the random topics I choose seem to be accessible to people. I often hear that they recognize themselves in the pictures. I find that very magical.’



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Esther Chin 

‘My art is the truth of my soul through which I communicate.’ Their passion for art was encouraged by their Ma Mere and Grand Mere. Their art is inspired by their environment its flora and fauna and social issues.

'Tapestry for Ma Yarn'. Plastic bottles, Yarn, plastic bottles, wool, organic matter and ribbon, 2017-2021.

‘I am a Fibre, Mixed media and Installation artist, I incorporate natural materials, found objects, bubble wrap and plastic bottles into my works of art. 

I am a native of the lush and scenic parish of St Mary, Jamaica. During my developmental years, my passion for art was encouraged by my Ma mere and Grand Mere.

They gave me the creative freedom to draw and express myself, using the interior and exterior walls of our home as a canvas.’

'Moss Cape'. Moss, lace, mesh, medical plastic, silk, sand, metallic lace and rod stock armature, 2017.

‘Presently, my artworks are autobiographical focusing on, ‘healing (motherless)’. During the weaving process and the accumulation of various materials I consume or find, I am catapulted into a meditative state that allows me to transcend the emotional roller-coaster of personal loss, healing and memory.’

'Ribbon for Ma'. Yarn, wool, plastic labels, metallic gold and silver lace, 2017.


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‘My inspiration also comes from what I see around my environment including my love for the tropics; its flora and fauna, social issues, cultural identity and other personal experiences.

The inner urge to experiment with various materials also fosters my innate desire to create and make images to communicate my truth.’ 



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