November 2021 - Artists of the Month

Each month the selects three artists within its growing community. The entirety of the month is dedicated to the artists, their work and their passion.

October features: Maria Louceiro, Emőke Fabian, Josepha Edbauer.

spotlighted –> Maria Louceiro

Photographer & Art Director


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‘Born in Porto, I studied Mining and Geo-Environmental engineering but I found myself loving drawing and photographing the mines a lot more than actually working in them. 

I enjoy mixing analog and digital photographic techniques in order to create a dreamlike world.’


  • Carmel Snow
  • Melodie Im Nebel
  • Minru Music
  • Tuvaband



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Emőke Fabian

The process of creating art is similar with the process of creating a place of shelter.


'Attempt of capturing the 4th dimension', watercolor on paper, 35 x 32 cm, 2021

'Difficult Perceptual Circumstances', oil on canvas, 100 x 150 cm, 2020

'The passing of time', oil on canvas,80 x 80cm, 2021

‘Creating something means to understand the way materials become alive. Making a painting for me means to wonder between material existence and an immaterial one. A painting offers the viewer the possibility to enter a different kind of sensorial state, where all the senses work in a very different way than in everyday life. In order to achieve this, I started to experiment with different methods of constructing a visual image. In this process, I came to the conclusion that: visual construction doesn’t necessarily mean representation; images don’t have to refer to a linguistic system; achieving a freed form is a result of narrowing down the possibilities. The idea behind my work is to create images that are freed from preconceptions. For this I often use the form of the landscape where the wideness of space gets in conflict with the edges of the canvas. On the watercolors, the recurring geometric shapes suggest a kind of endlessness: the possibility of freedom between limited circumstances.’



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Josepha Edbauer

Josepha Edbauer (*1995) is a multimedia artist; currently living and working in Vienna, Austria.

;When lights close their tired eye'. Josepha Edbauer & Hannah Neckel, 01.04. – 10.04.2021


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'Gaze I' , gauze, thread, 210 x 140, 2020

'Empathy', 2021

‘The work addresses the site-specific actual state and calls for an empathetic coexistence. Population groups* have lost their visibility in public space and their safe spaces due to the pandemic. Club culture was also shut down over a year ago now.

With a collective that promotes mindful social interaction in club culture with awareness concepts. In collaboration, a short film was created that sketches the club as the example of an egalitarian society in which the same patterns of discrimination that our social system permanently produces should not prevail. The videoproject can be accessed via an QR code shown on the poster The audio track presents the manifesto of the Collective, while on an aesthetic level the dualism between the empty town in the early morning hours and the constant search for safe spaces is visualized.’


In collaboration with AwA_Wien (

Grafik: Felix Reutzel (

'vaterland', leather, metal, surgical steel, plexiglass and wood, 120 x 90 cm. 2020

‘Josepha Edbauer (*1995) is a multimedia artist; currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. In her practise, contradictions are addressed and narrated through transdisciplinary room installations. The starting point are deconstructions of personal circumstances in different systems in which the artist is surrounded. Coming from an art historical background, questioning the mechanisms and structures of the art world is thus a recurring subject, as is visualizing digital phenomena in our analogue surroundings. The digital space and it’s structures are no less real than our analogue world. Each object carries its own meaning, which results from the interplay. The artist translates her analyses into materials that suggest new perspectives in their altered context. Materials carry the previous within them, and through their detachment from their socio-cultural context, are brought into new ones to express. 


Josepha is currently studying Transmedia Art in the class of Jakob Lena Knebl at the University of Applied Art in Vienna.’



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