September 2021

September 2021 - Artists of the Month

Each month the selects three artists within its growing community. The entirety of the month is dedicated to the artists, their work and their passion.

September features: Aurélie Sorriaux, Szabó Anna-Mária, Jaina Cipriano.

spotlighted –> Aurélie Sorriaux

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, their photographs are visual explorations through memory experience and the complex state of existence.

"Quarry II" From the series Land, 2019 Silver gelatine print on baryta paper, 132 x 107 cm.

Land is an exploration and experimentation of landscape and the materiality in photography.

I immersed myself in quarries and uninhabited places to delve into my attraction to theses places. Later, I worked on the images in darkroom. The materiality in photography as the condition for the image’s existence and the nature of the experience is an important part of the project.

This project will leads to my series about rocks, genealogy and geology.’

'55°14’27.0”N 6°30’42.0”W • V' From the series “Yes, I am palimpsest too”, 2019.

As history passes, just like the land with erosion traces, our personal stories are marked.

Lauret Savoy wrote: “Sand and Stone are Earth’s fragmented memory. Each of us, too, is a landscape inscribed by memory and loss”. Geology gives us the key to read the past of our land and learn from it. What about us: how to be the geologist of our genealogy? How to find an answer of these silenced memories ?

'Shadow' From the series “In Search of my Curls”, 2020.

The series is an in-depth research questioning what is passed on in the family, what remains from our origin and how to identify with it. Being the only one in my family to have curly hair, I started to question my identity.

With the research-driven mindset of a geologist, I investigated my family’s archive. What defines the relationship of family, besides blood? Is it likeness, language, culture, or perhaps a set of presiding principles that come about from a culmination of all of the above?



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Interview with Spotlighted Artist: Aurélie Sorriaux


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Szabó Anna-Mária

Her work revolves around the themes of seeming order, problematics of cognizability, “dismounting” reality, questioning the automatisms of conventions sticking to our reality.

'Symmetries of dislocation.' Oil on shaped paper and cardboard, 195 x 165 cm, 2018.

‘This painting was born from the idea of bringing the horizon to the foreground of the image; the mountains are highest. I wanted to work in such an experimental manner, which allowed a dialogue with the landscape, by defying the laws of physics. The aim was to emphasize the autonomy of the landscape, as opposed to taking the usual aesthetic route of a “domesticated nature”. The shape of the work is cut to the specifics of this view: the representation determines the outlines of the work and not the other way around. In this inversion, our presupposed position of authority/power over nature is shaken.’

'The illusion of freedom.' Oil on attached canvases, 20x20 + 90x80, 2019.

‘Real or made up boundaries shape our perception the same way as real or illusory freedoms.’

'Untitled (Nanomodules series).' Oil on wood panel, 17x23cm, 2021.

An apocalyptic inner landscape realized with a slow, meditative technique, inspired by microorganisms, reflecting on the coronavirus and the tendency of turning inward experienced in the time of the lockdown.’



Jaina Cipriano

Jaina Cipriano is a Boston based artist working with photography, film and installation. 

‘Jaina Cipriano is a Boston based artist working with photography, film and installation. Her work explores the emotional toll of religious and romantic entrapment through immersive sets and emotional performances that mirror the subconscious. With a trauma-informed background Jaina’s work begins to break down the narrative of helplessness as her subjects find their strength in liminal spaces.’



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