(c) merry

“Conceptual multidisciplinary artist (c) merry explores a wide variety of features that marks out our media-driven lives: her works could be considered as visual biographies of the ubiquitous consequences of contemporary technosphere and urge the viewers to rethink the dichotomies between physical and digital realms to go beyond such dichotomy.” (Josh Ryder & Melissa C. Hilborn pro ARTiculAction, Contemporary Art Review)

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(c) merry is Czech conceptual and digital artist based primarily on Internet. With background in Film, Communication studies and Art Education, she is concerned with internet art and its combinations and overlaps with moving image and performance. Under the name Mary Meixner (b. 1986, Czech Republic) she acts as critical and theoretical writer and curator, concerned primarily with internet and digital art. She is ia editor of Experimental cinema and contemporary art section of Film and New Media Magazine 25fps, co-curates ScreenSaverGallery (on-line digital art gallery started in 2013) and PAF – Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art.