Daniel Lercher

Daniel Lercher is a musician, composer and sound artist based in Vienna. His practice deals with the subject of perception and conversion of aural sensations.
His major interests lie in the creation of certain states for the recipients with an emphasis on the parameters of space and time, which he often tries to dissolve
in favour of an in depth experience. Daniel works in the field of minimalism and its varied interpretations.

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Daniel Lercher was born in 1983 in the Austrian countryside, currently lives and works in Vienna.
He is a graduate of the course in computermusic and electronic media at the Vienna Institute for composition and electroacoustics.
Lercher’s work focuses on electroacoustic composition/improvisation, live-electronic, phonography, installations, music for dance & film, etc.
His list of activities includes more than 300 concerts, installations and residencies on four continents.
Thereby he his collaborating with numerous national & international musicians and artists from various fields.
So far his music was published on more than 20 releases of different formats, either as a solo artist or in collaborations.