Sabine Maier

Sabine Maier (born 1971 in Styria) is an Austrian media artist and art photographer.

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Sabine Maier was born and grew up in the Murau district of Styria / Austria. At the age of 15 she left home. In order to make money, she quit her study and began an apprenticeship as a drugstore and photographer, which she completed in 1989 with preference. Immediately afterwards she went to London, completed a language course in Cambridge, worked in antique shops as a restorer and lived in an artist community. In 1992 she had to return to Austria for bureaucratic reasons. She got to know the life and demise of being an artist in Graz through Othmar Krenn, Wolfgang Bauer and Werner Schwab, was a member of a punk band and participated in many art events. In 1995 she went to Vienna and in 1997 she completed the master class for photography at the Higher Graphic Federal Teaching and Research Institute. During her training, she worked at night in a pharmacy and in a drug factory. Later she worked for ORF in the design department and as a freelance photographer for Ogilvi & Partner, the independent theaters in Cologne and the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien. In 1999, together with Michael Mastrototaro, she founded the Machfeld art label, under whose pseudonym many of her works are presented. Since then she has been working internationally as an artist. She worked and taught on the basis of scholarships and artist-in-residence invitations in Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Canada and for years in South Africa (Johannesburg).

Sabine Maier is a member of the GAV and FLUSS, Lower Austria Initiative for Photo and Media Art.

Her works are in numerous private collections and in the "Artothek des Bundes", Austria.