Artists' Perception and Knowledge about Wealth Creation

Artists’ perception and knowledge about wealth creation

Artistry as people may understand it from different perspectives has different natures that it presents to diverse people. People get inspirations in their own unique ways which influence their mindset in portraying art to the world. Some individuals assume that art is part of life and must be adopted in our day-to-day activities to better inculcate our cultures to the younger generations. Others think it is a great way of making a living, catering for oneself and their families. The latter sometimes shifts the main idea behind the creation of some particular arts such as the moral values, the historic background and the impact it can have on the outside world and rather only focuses on the artistic values which could help commercialize the art to attract consumers to patronize the artists’ businesses. The urge to prevent the second idea from overtaking the first one breeds another school of thought which blends the two, keeping the meaning and value of artworks and making a living out of it simultaneously. Since people use their talents differently in the same field of work, some interns from decided to find out from some artists how they perceive art, either they make enough money from their creations and also if they how art and cryptocurrency can work hand in hand. They interviewed artists belonging to a group called Collectif Lourd, during their plein champ event organised from 2nd to 4th July, 2021 at Gué de Maulny, Le Mans in the Pays de la Loire region in France.

The leader of the group explained they are a group of ten artists who have come together to unite their strength in organising events which share their creations, pass on their knowledge and help improve plastic art in Sarthois. As a philospy, art is all about showing to the world that you can create something out of anything you can lay hands on, making things new to people in expressing one’s feeling and inspirations, he explained. When asked whether they think art is for profit or not, they elaborated that since some of the artists depend solely their craft, they make everything possible for their creations to be appealing to consumers worldwide, while focusing on protecting and portraying the plastic art industry of Sarthe to the world all the same. They do showcase artworks during exhibition events organised by themselves and by other groups, which attracts individual to buy and they make some money out of it, but they are not too desperate about making money from these works, so far as the intended impact is achieved, they are satisfied. Due to this mindset, most members, especially the veteran artists of the group have different careers that they pursue to make life better for themselves and this makes them do what they do within the group from passion and if nothing comes out of it for years, they are not worried so far as the plastic art of Sarthe is always portrayed and to the world.

The concept of the relationship between art and cryptocurrency seems to be quite hazy to most of the artists. Some of them happen to know about cryptocurrency, its trading, people using it for transaction and other related aspects but how it is compatible with contemporary arts, creative arts, performing, and fine arts needs to be well explained to them and probably other artists in the region. They expressed interest in other channels of marketing their works not through physical transactions alone but digitally, although they have not gotten the opportunity to make business through this channel yet. The leader of the group emphasized on their openness to partner with any individual or organisation that is ready to help them put their talents though to the world and make some profit from it digitally.

This new phase, enlightenment and creative initiative is what wendy.nework is committed to. Empowering artists to be enriched passively through the blend of cryptocurrency and arts. All that is needed are artists who are open and ready to go beyond their territories and make waves elsewhere. As an ambitious and empathic network that has artists at heart, it is always a plus for the art industry whenever artists open their doors for members of the network to share with them great opportunities in the industry that they might have been losing. is always happy to receive those willing to keep in touch to know how they can add value to their talents and creativity.



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