Joerg Auzinger

Joerg Auzinger

Joerg Auzinger’s art deals with the relationship between human, nature and the sociopolitical aspects of a technology-based communication society.


Joerg Auzinger’s artistic work is situated between art, science and technology. In interactive installations, photographic works and objects, he analyzes the function of new and old media and their construction of realities and the associated changes in our concept of reality. His work often deals with the correlation of analog and digital conditions. He works in the fields of interactive installations, film and media art as well as in artistic research and scientific topics. Joerg Auzinger realizes his projects interactively and participatively. The viewer becomes an active participant and thus an essential part of the artwork.

By continually drawing the observer into interactive processes Joerg Auzinger creates artificial intersections between the public and his artworks.