Beatriz Alegre Infante

Maastricht, Netherlands

Konjungate Adress: KQuD2m8ynaz73RNY7R2eVn5ZdRsjSPb1xr

Beatriz Alegre Infante is a young curator and visual artist, currently pursuing her master’s degree in Arts and Culture at Maastricht University, Netherlands, after having graduated in Drawing from the Faculty of Fine-Arts of the University of Lisbon in 2020. Beatriz works with and ArtelatAm – both international art organisations – in projects that connect artists and the community, providing them with innovative opportunities and visibility.

The human body has always been a subject of study, both cientifically and artistically. While looking for ways to observe the body through rarely explored points of view, I discovered the complexity of ‘belly buttons’ (or navels) – an element with a strong mythological and biological component, that easily goes unseen.

In a human figure drawing, we often represent it through a simplified oval shape, not paying enough attention to its true configuration and texture, ignoring its complexity. In this project I tried to explore its unique shapes, both through small line drawings, or even large scale charcoal drawings.

I leave its interpretation to the the spectator – to question the nature behind the pictures.

Navel #1 (2019)

Charcoal on Paper


Navel #2 (2019)

Charcoal on Paper


Navel #3 (2019)

Acrylic on Paper



Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,

Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,

Art, Interview, Magazine, Virtual Residency,

Art, Magazine