Christoph Brandl


Brandl works as a fine art photographer bordering on painting and graphic design. He is dedicated to analogue photography and often experimenting with expired films and medium-format cameras.


I first came in contact with Kenya’s coast in 1997, in 2014 he moved more permanently to Africa. When I arrived on the south coast of Kenya, i felt overwhelmed by the sheer grandeur of the elements – air, water, earth, or: sky, horizon and the ground beneath your feet. The desire to paint arose, as well as the intention to separate form from feeling.

After an experimental process, where I took hundreds of photographs, I finally succeeded in capturing my desire on photographic paper by using photos of the three elements simultaneously. Just like a painter adds layers of colours to a canvas me, too, I layered photographic elements onto my(digital) photographic paper – thus keeping each element in limbo.