MAGAZINE Artist Spotlight: Brittany Crutcher

By Nox Blair

Written by Nox Blair

I’ve noticed that Brittany as an artist has no bounds–her art style is ever-changing and beautiful nonetheless. I’ll be focusing on her project “Whorer” to be specific. “Whorer” is a series of works that highlight women’s presence in horror movies, specifically them being over-sexualized. For this series, Brittany states that she wants to go back to a more illustrative style with minimal (if any) realism. Brittany states that she wants to focus on the setting and background of her pieces more than the figures themselves. Her inspiration for this series comes from the movies Jennifer’s Body and Ginger Snaps.
She has two pieces in this series, “Number one” and “Mirrors”. “Number one” seems to have a more comic book, film noir look to it while the art style of “Mirrors’” edges are more smooth and closer to “realistic.” “Number one” highlight’s Brittany’s guilty pleasures, which include her connection with her higher self, her insomnia, her god complex, and her 2D husband. I also really enjoy Brittany’s piece “Mirrors” which showcases a woman unaware of the fact that her reflection in the mirror is staring back at her–in the worst way possible. It is based on a movie, Mirrors, that terrified Brittany as a child. I also noticed how the cross is also flipped in the mirror which I found was an interesting addition to this piece. Brittany incorporated this piece in her “Whorer” series because “of how often young girls are painfully aware of their appearance, and being afraid of the one thing that we use the most is truly terrifying.” Although these pieces have different art styles, the characters and how they relate to her “Whorer” series are cohesive.


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