Art is, indeed, beautiful to watch, to touch, to listen or even to feel. Art is everything we find surrounding us. There is a day in your life where you were consoled from your misery with an artwork’s aid. The feelings where you listen to a piece of music woven and crafted by an artist to bring lovers together, to send your child to sleep, to encourage you in life, to set your body in motion, or to send you a message. Paintings or drawings could also bring you memories, love, hope, sorrow, and motivation. Ebuka Ukachu, popularly known as EbusArt, makes the art very funny to watch. His artwork is unique. He makes his characters look funny in a way that you will laugh at when you set your eyes on them. In an exclusive interview with EbusArt, he revealed to us that he discovered his love for art on June 16 2021. We are all practically artists until we start doing something. According to him, “I just love drawing people in Caricature funny Art to see how they will look. Their laughs and smiles give me joy.”


How to draw Caricature by EbusArt


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The reason why he chose this kind of art is that he loves Caricature Fun Art. His work is Caricature Fun Art. Caricature Fun Art is a drawing of a real person which distorts or exaggerates certain features but still retains a likeness: in other words, an exaggerated piece of portrait art.  This kind of art started in the late 16th century. His work is getting more and more attention, and he believes we will start selling it as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) anytime soon.  “Yes, I see it going far away to many places. The future may need it. According to the records I’m getting.” He sees his work in different countries because a lot of people are commenting that they love it. From EbusArt’s camp, “I believe my Art will go far to many places, and the world will be happy about it, It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not be next month, but one day it will surely reach around the world, it’s all in God’s hand.” Check some of his work below. You can follow him on or on Instagram and Facabook


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