Deconstructing Patriarchy Magazine

Presenting’s first magazine and the artists of our open call for Deconstructing Patriarchy! We asked you, our community, on International Women’s Day (8th March) to let us know what you do in your everyday life to dismantle or resist the patriarchy, whether small or big actions. And we complied them into an online magazine with art, readings and quotes. We are so happy that this theme resonated with people, because everyone has the power to tackle this cis/hetero/patriarchal forces in their everyday lives.

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Recognizing the dominant powers of the patriarchy and tackling cis/hetero/patriarchal oppression through art was the central aim of the open call. It is our belief that positive and actionable change is fostered through community building, creative expression, and positive reinforcement. These are the driving forces of the movement towards social justice and structural change.
To showcase the wonderful submissions to this open call, we have compiled this magazine, which is divided into three parts: ‘inside the home’, ‘outside the home’ and ‘neither inside or out’.
The themes of these chapters go in line with the feminist rallying slogan that the personal is political! Whether inside the house or outside in mainstream society, the patriarchal forces that permeate all aspects of society can be resisted through art, in a way that allows us to imagine a more equitable future for all individuals!


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