Gray cold clouds cover the earth with their shadows and hide the winter golden moon. In this moonlight, the red foliage of the trees seemed gilded, the trunks were bronze, and the whole world turned white.
The tree, powerful and invincible, rustling with red leaves, as if from a sudden gust of wind, is ready to instantly hide in its branches, as if covering with fiery wings, the whole world.
Just like the endless forests of the entire Earth, partially destroyed by humanity, continue to shelter in their inaccessible depths with their wings-branches thousands of animals and birds, filling the air with the most diverse voices.
Excitement, disagreement, confusion, deeply hidden in the depths of a person’s soul, matures, requires an exit, languishes in anticipation of takeoff. Mental dark fiery wings spread, releasing everything accumulated in the soul into emptiness, sheltering the heart as if from a storm, transforming into anger and anger into light and tranquility. Stopped by an impregnable barrier, they will remain inside as in a cradle.

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Art, Magazine,