Forceful Dandelion


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Performance by Małgorzata Suś and Kristina Feldhammer Music by Lyra Pramuk

Blossoming between the cracks

As human beings we are beings of nature. Living in an urban environment, we are faced with daily challenges. Surrounded in an environment of speed, pollution and stress – how can we access the nature we carry within ourselves? How can we feed our need for movement and craving for space? How can we be wild in enclosed, curated spaces and structures? And can wildness also be a restoration of order instead of an embracing of disorder?

Bold and tenacious.
Crossing borders.

Within this dance piece we want to make use of the visualisation of the dandelion breaking through concrete to fit into and bloom in whatever space it desires to. Its roots always steadfast, defying even the most adverse circumstances. This performance is an exploration of how an embodiment of the dandelion can teach us to grow where we are not allowed to, thrive where there is seemingly no space for us to inhabit. It can teach us to rise, germinate and make our presence known.
Moreover, the piece also serves as a portrayal of the inter-connectedness of humans with each other, and also of human with other species, other organisms that our bodies are entangled with in order to survive.

Entanglement and perseverance as the condition of life.

pulse of pavement
cold ground among concrete spines
roots travelling their hidden paths
and limbs always find their way
to surface,
move and breathe and be

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