Kajillionaire showing!! Featured Artist: Andre Pace catalogue virtual Art Auction ( www.Attleboro Arts Museum.org/Auction 2021)..

Kajillionaire showing!!
Featured Artist: Andre Pace showing in www.Attleboro Arts Museum.org/Art Auction 2021..
Virtual Auction listing..
Lots : 587( page 2#)
Lots : 696( page 5#)
October 6/2021 thru November 13/2021...

We invite you to enjoy the exceptional Art paired with favorite salad, grilled fish & light meat.. We seek to honor the rich heritage of Artist works art styles & patterns.... Oils, pastels, selected carefully for their quality and authentication-our-contemporary is loaded with flavor yellows and orange & taste as A Curtis fruit/ creating belanced and distinctive Art...

Art, Interview, Magazine, wendy.network

Art, Magazine, wendy.network