Kristyna Hamakova


Hi I'm Kristyna and I paint, make and create. Most often I paint paintings or small things like greeting cards, buttons and other things with an author's motif from my everyday life.


My name is Týna and I have loved creating since I was a child. I create everywhere and always. I have been creating throughout my studies and I will probably create for the rest of my life. I like to connect arts and crafts with things that are part of our practical life and we enjoy it. Because there is a lot of creativity in the world, but it's still not enough.

Every piece from my workshop that gets into your hands is original. I spend some time on each piece and none of these pieces are created without my own idea or without the help of my hands.

Thank you for finding me in any way or by chance and for visiting my page. I will be honored if any of my pieces become yours. Because there is nothing more to me than when my art becomes a part of your life.