Linda Pearl Izan

United Kingdom

Mixed media artist exhibiting within the UK and Internationally – Artwork focus on social and environmental issues.

Solar Bodies

Centre piece of a triptych

At first sight the triptych looks sumptuous and reminiscent of heavenly bodies look closer its cooking fat.

Snake Oil Salesmen and Charlatans

Covid-19 where did it come from? Who is responsible? How did this happen to us? What can we do to cure ourselves? Do not listen to experts?

Large fabric hanging - digital print - hand & free motion machine embroidery.

‘Not a Shred of Truth’

Not a Shred of Truth; a Blanket Denial - the work is constructed a play on textile metaphors. Working with lush fabric, appliqué and printed textiles she highlights how truth can be challenging in a post-truth era. If society no longer places a trust in truth, what remains?

Marbled Velvet /Haverstock Linen/ Embroidery Silk