Thrilled to announce the premiere of ‘In This Present Space’!
A gorgeous film about a concert of the VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA, recorded end of September 2021 at the Odeon Theatre in Vienna by Mersolis Schöne and his team who so beautifully caught the atmosphere of this inspired afternoon!
Many thanks also to Max Kaufmann who made it possible to present the work of the VIO within this inspirational surrounding and Anne Bennent for reading the introduction statement.
recorded September 27th 2021, Odeon Theater, Wien
movie by Mersolis Schöne / Moving Thought – Film + Philosophy
Isabell Kargl – voice
Sun Sun Yap – voice
Nika Zach – voice
Tahereh Nourani – flute
Elisabeth Kelvin – clarinet, bass clarinet
Lisa Hofmaninger – soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Clemens Salesny – alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Florian Sighartner – violin
Emily Stewart – violin
Judith Reiter – viola
Irmi Vukovich – cello
Clemens Sainitzer – cello
Beate Wiesinger – double bass
Edward Reardon – synthesizer
Valentin Duit – drums
instant composition conducting: Michael Fischer

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