The ocean … The most powerful and incomprehensible, the most powerful and huge, the most mysterious and magical element. Time flows like sand through people’s lives, and only the depths of the oceans are like guards at the gates of eternity. The power and mystery of water is both attractive and dangerous. Riot and serenity go together. Always the same and always different ocean – magic without time.
What ocean is in your soul? What is hidden in the depths? Your secrets or your publicity? Is the soul water? Time is water? Every second of your soul is a great value.
All this interweaving of colors and contradictory sensations were embodied in sculptural painting from the inner gaze and from the depths of the subconscious.
Deep layers of all shades of blue: ultramarine, turquoise, sapphire, azure, blue dust, indigo, cobalt, dark blue gracefully intertwine with metals: silver, beryl, nickel, zirconium, Vesuvius gold, chrysolite and bronze. The riot of waves, the collision of the depths froze for a moment. It looks different every time. Everyone will see their own. This picture lives on. This picture adorns the home and life of a person.

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